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Travis Turner

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

it was the evening of april 9th 2010 and
we had just left a grocery store and we
had pulled up to a four-way stop and
unfortunately there was a individual
that was driving with no headlights on
and never even saw us and never braked
and hit us doing at least 50 miles an
hour I had myself and my wife and my
beautiful 19 year old and our newborn
which was eight months old in the car at
the time it was so surreal that when it
first happened I didn’t understand what
took place I mean our car was impacted
and then the car’s front end collapsed
and he actually drove about six feet
underneath our car so he lifted our car
the rear end of our car up so we were
impacted then we had a floating
sensation as we were thrown through the
intersection and and then our car
obviously died and then his car I was
caught on fire so we were fortunate that
you know sienna or eight month old is a
bowl of jell-o and you know she were
very very happy to report that she’s
okay our 19 year old who was sitting in
the front seat did suffer back in and
lower in an upper back injury I’m I seem
to be doing okay day to day my wife is
the one that struggles the most
because the pressure that’s on her
spinal column it creates a lot of
headache and a lot of loss of strength
and hands she drops a lot of things
there’s just tingling discomfort can’t
sleep constant pain the best thing that
came out of this accident was our
referral to mr. Freedman I can honestly
consider him a friend after this journey
it’s been two years and eight months
since our accident date and it was an
accident that I was not prepared for as
far as what to do and Darryl was amazing
at giving us guidance being extremely
genuine with us he’s a very articulate
man who took a very personal interest in
us it was a complicated case that
involved multiple insurance companies it
was a complicated case because of
permissive use we had multiple parties
involved in this if we had gone anywhere
else to get representation we would not
have gotten the result that we got from
jerrell freeman Delphine is the sole
reason why we were very successful on