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Thelma Edison & Thor Aksland

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

my name is Thelma Thelma Addison
I live in Paso Robles Paso Robles Kyle
California and during the accident now
we have an auto accident we were on our
way to Fresno from Paso Robles to go
Christmas shopping and we had someone
that decided to pull in front of us and
we went from 65 to zero in a millisecond
and there were three of us in the car
and my fiancee she had to go to the
emergency room in Fresno from Hanford
and then they kept me there for about
half a day or whatever and the daughter
was okay so we all went back and it was
sort of really they had some major
surgeries for her so we were sort of
preoccupied really didn’t think about
insurance or attorneys or anything like
that so once the insurance company
started calling me and also they just
got an uneasy feeling and I went and
talked to a friend at work because they
knew her husband and her were like into
investigations and things like that I
figured they might know an attorney and
she recommended mr. Freedman after we
discharged from the hospital he called
mr. Freedman and so then after that mr.
Freedman visit us in the house and talk
about the case at the time I don’t know
what to do I really don’t know what to
do and I don’t know whom to call and I I
never have this kind that kind of
experience so that’s why I was kind of
oh my god and I was thinking not just of
me being injured but also financially
and I don’t I don’t know you know if how
can i how can I do it without you know
without money involved because I am in
really much pain
and you know I have a daughter and Oh
expenses wise and for me that was a very
big problem him miss fat staff really
took great care of it sort of how about
that first thing like you don’t know and
all sudden they say we know how to do it
we’ll help you through this and they did
I will highly recommend mr. Freedman his
firm because in everything that that he
did not just him but all his staff he
can solve the problem I mean he will
help solve the problem and yeah not just
in my family but to everybody and you
know just based on my experience you
know I since I trusted him so much and
this is what I got and now I’m just very