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Sarah Woodley

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I was driving to work and I had a lady
pull out in front of me and she I had
right away and she stopped right in
front of me and I ended up t-boning her
she never saw me and you know people had
to help me out of my car I Drive a Prius
and they don’t have front ends anyway
but now really didn’t have a front end
it was pretty a pretty hard I was taken
by ambulance to the hospital where they
checked me I was released to go home not
to work though I lost some work time and
considering how bad the accident was I
was very fortunate and I kind of did it
on my own at first and I truly regret
that it was a hard time in my life I had
my mom passed away I was going through a
divorce and then that happened on top of
it and then I thought well I don’t know
what to do I was at a loss so I actually
asked my divorced attorney at the time
and he recommended Darryl Freedman all
right so I immediately you know
contacted him and I’ve never regretted
it they did me really really good they
handled my case they informed me very
very well and everything just went
spectacularly and because when I did it
on my own I was being ignored the other
insurance company just tried to LinkedIn
everything out so that I could just get
away with everything and everything got
righted in the end by Daryl Freedman any
questions I have were immediately
answered and just everything explained
to me if I had any problems if I needed
any assistance I was absolutely just
treated like family I got everything I
needed out of my settlement and I could
have asked for more