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Sarah Rodriguez

Category: Slip/Trip/Fall Accidents

Video Transcription

it was on gelada 28 of 2007 I went to to
the store I went in and my husband was
supposed to meet me there and when I
didn’t see him there I asked the lady at
the register yet seen an older man come
in and she said no so I walked out and I
walked out and I tripped on the sidewalk
on this side of the sidewalk and I just
went over and I felt my my body go down
on my face like this and I kept crying
and screaming because I was in a lot of
pain and I hadn’t seen my wrist you know
I I just knew my arm and then they took
me to the hospital and they did surgery
that day and when they were going to do
the surgery the doctor told my my
husband and my daughter that it was a
risk because I’m a high blood pressure
was really really high we were afraid
because we didn’t know what was going to
happen how many surgeries she was going
to need or if she would ever really be
okay and when we first started coming to
see you mr. Freedman he was extremely
kind friendly he genuinely cared about
my grandparents so then I called mr.
Freedman and I they let me put they put
me through to him and I told him what
was a problem and he says where you come
in Sarah like if he knew me right away
he said you come in and that was
something that really impressed me
that they truly cared it wasn’t about a
business transaction it was just about
good people being good to other good
people and that for me was the most the
best part of the experience