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Roscoe Sharpe Jr.

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

the car accident happened proximately a
year and a half ago I was coming down
Fresno Street here in fresno fresno and
plaza i’m going to the light the light
is red so I’m soft sitting still my life
changes to green I go through the light
and as I’m slowly going through the
light I see a car speeding up hill
because I’m going down here down hill
under an underpass the car continues to
speed up and all of a sudden it makes a
left turn right in front of me and as it
made that turn hit the brakes but we
still t-boned it was that close so we
smashed right into each other tore up my
whole front end of the car tore up the
passenger side of her car and during the
accident I smashed into the steering
wheel and my left shoulder which was
already fresh out of surgery smashed
into the passenger door I didn’t feel at
the moment that I wanted to go straight
to the hospital emmalin so myself and
the friend we drove to the house and as
we were driving to the house my arm
began to hurt that much more so my wife
and I went out to the emergency care mr.
Freedman is a very aggressive attorney he
not only laid out a wonderful speech but
he acted upon it after that first
meeting I mean I received calls from the
receptionist from his assistant John and
more importantly I received calls
personal calls from mr. Freedman he
called me on a regular basis let me know
what was happening this is going on
that’s going on if I needed to come in
he always called me personally I mean on
my cell phone at home he made sure he
got in touch with me and and made me
feel comfortable me myself and my wife
were well pleased with mr. Freedman and
his entire staff I mean from the
receptionist to the assistance to the
entire firm I really enjoyed working
with him I’m pleased with the outcome it
was exactly how he laid it out in the
no changes no excuses and he does a fair
job I really appreciate