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Robert Natera III

Category: Pedestrian Accident

Video Transcription

my name is Robert and a few years ago I
was skating on my way to school to take
my AP test and I was hit by a car I
required a lot of medical treatment but
had no way paying for it but Durham gym
they helped me pay for my medical
treatment they got me a settlement and
now I could go to college hi my name is
Robert a few years ago my son was hit by
a car on his way to school he required a
lot of medical attention unfortunately
we didn’t have the money to pay for it
luckily for us Darrell Freedman was
there for us he help us obtain
transportation to all my son’s physical
therapy that he needed he helped my son
get a settlement that was going to allow
him to go to college and better his
future in life we had some ups and downs
but luckily for us Darrell and his staff
were there always maintaining contact
with us being in touch with us making
sure you know we were taken care of
Terrill restreaming all his stuff
they’re really great bunch of people
they always how they always ask me
questions if I was AK or how am I Timmy
I’d recommend him to a lot of people