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Olivia Gallegos

Category: Slip/Trip/Fall Accidents

Video Transcription

my accident happened in the parking lot
of grocery store it was on a day where
it was the coldest day of the year and
there was black ice on the asphalt and I
actually was on my way to pick up a
prescription for pain medication because
i had a injury on my back i had had a
herniated two herniated discs and i was
picking up my prescription I got out of
the car and I just walked a couple of
steps and I didn’t even have time to put
my hands down with my feet just went out
from under me and I just went straight
on my back and hit my back in my head on
the asphalt and it’s a pretty hard fall
and the woman who heard it turned around
and she happened to be an employee of
the store and she came to assist me and
she said I can’t believe that they
didn’t take care of this I just fell an
hour ago once they took me to the
hospital the emergency room doctor just
so happened to be the doctor that had
been seeing me for my previous back
injury and I had been seeing many
doctors up until that point and never
had any kind of a surgical option and
after that the the fall added some tears
and did some additional damage and so
then I had a an option for surgery and
ended up having to have a back surgery I
was naive thinking that the grocery
store would pay for the medical bills
and and help me and the very first thing
that the store manager had said was
we’re not liable for anything and a
couple days later their liability
Department called me and then they
started to call me every few weeks and
we’re just trying to get information
from me I thought that they were just
very nice people and you know we’re
really trying to help me but turned out
that that’s not what it was so as the
statute of limitations was approaching
and we were getting nowhere it that’s
when I decided to start looking for a
lawyer I had talked to one other lawyer
and prior to Larry Freedman and I just
really liked the way that he talked to
me he seemed right off the bat to care
about my my health and my well-being and
and he truly seemed concerned about me
once I did meet with him he was just
just a very lovely man and very caring
and he was very honest with me and let
me know it up front that this was going
to be a difficult case because I did
have the pre-existing injury and but he
thought that he was just going to do his
best for me and he and he did and he
never wavered on it and he worked very
hard with his staff with John Williams
was right up there with him and they
took very good care of me this law firm
is just an excellent law firm they care
about you they are on your side they’ll
tell you the truth they won’t tell you
something just to make you feel better
they’ll put it right out on the table
and they’ll just work day and night we
were actually working on a Saturday in a
Sunday and
so they they do work hard for you and I
truly believe that they were able to
settle this better for me then just any
other person could it was more than I
expected way more than I expected