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Norma Ríos

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

well it was a Sunday afternoon and I was
coming home from church as I was drying
along and it came to the interception I
notice that there was a car there on the
stop sign so I said okay he’s going to
let me go but I guess the other person
in the other car thought he could make
it so he ran across he ran across the
other side of the road and we hit when
we hit it was something that I did not
was waiting for it was brutal it was
like I turn an air pop busted I was in
pain as I came to a stop my hands were
still on the steering wheel my seat that
was strapped on me there was steam
coming out of the engine the air bag the
residue I couldn’t breathe I was trying
to roll down the window but I couldn’t
because I was strapped down still I
noticed that my lift arm heard it so bad
my upper body was a lot of pain soon as
they found out that my arm is broken I
especially for that so we got why didn’t
have surgery the next day and you’d be
out of work so we need to find an
eternity I knew I needed help I need
somebody to to back me up on my bills in
my work and the loss of everything of my
car so we went out and looked for an
eternity journey we found one he told us
some promises that you would give us
that he would be there for us and stuff
that’s the first time I ever saw him and
talked to them because after meeting
after meeting he’d never showed up
after months went by no connection no
calls no nothing I heard about mr.
Freedman’s through my brother law he had
a great experience with him he got what
he needed so we gave him a call
they made this appointment we came in
and just meeting mr. Freedman Freedman
himself was yeah he made me feel welcome
he was friendly he was concerned about
my needs
so we decided to come with him as the
months went by every month they would
call me what I need wanted to do they
were never there was not a time where I
couldn’t say what’s going on you know
but he they were there for me they
called me she concerned about my other
operation I’m happy with the settlement
I’m happy what they got me what I
deserve and it wasn’t for mr. Freedman I
was still pause being with the other
attorney gave me nothing but I recommend
mr. Freedman to anybody that’s been in a
car accident he’s like number one he
would always be on top of things