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Mike and Mara

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

my husband and I were involved in a
motor vehicle accident we were out of
state so we really didn’t know where to
go or what to do and previous
experiences I have contacted mr.
Freedman I’ve used his firm before in
other accidents many years ago and it
just made the process very seamless
because being involved in an accident in
a different state there’s certain things
that are necessary to be done that may
not be easy because we were here in
California the other party was in
Colorado so by hiring Darrell’s office
it was very seamless they got everything
done in a timely manner and it took all
the stress off of us and having to file
claims and whatnot
having John as our case manager was very
very everything around really good he
would call us and let us be aware of
anything that was happening if we needed
to come in and sign papers with the
aspect of you know them going back and
forth to come to a settlement agreement
he always made sure to call us and let
us know exactly what was going on so it
did it really made our accident not as
bad as it would have been had I tried to
fight the other insurance company on my
own I would definitely for any of my
family or friends – Darrell’s office
because knowing what kind of hurdles I
would have had to overcome on my own had
I not had an attorney was worth it to
myself and my husband