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Michelle & Kyle

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I first came in contact with mr.
Freedman back in 2000 when my son was
involved in a car accident he my son was
crossing the roadway and in an apartment
complex from our building to the play
center and as they were crossing a woman
had reversed out of a stall as she
wasn’t supposed to be in and ended up
striking my son and after they did five
CT scans on him because they couldn’t
believe that he didn’t have any brain
fog or skull fractures or anything
damage to his brain or anything like
that he was only two years old so after
getting him home and seeing that he was
he was okay my next it was overwhelming
it’s very very overwhelming to think
that I could have lost my son I didn’t
know what to do I was I had just got
divorced you know I was with three
raising three children of my own and so
the first thing I did was I started
looking up attorneys to try to help me
find to get some help some support which
I didn’t have at first I was a little
hesitant because a lot of people say oh
well you’re not supposed to sue and
you’re just money hungry but in my eyes
at that time I could have lost my only
son and yeah I think I believe that with
the whoever’s injured that they deserve
compensation and you know something they
can’t fix and what’s gonna be wrong with
them you know for the rest of their
lives they’re gonna have to deal with
things either psychologically physically
or otherwise and you know they’re due a
compensation they should they’re
entitled to it so I took the step and I
called dr. Darrell Freedman’s office we
made an appointment we set it up and
they were just awesome very supportive
they met my son they were real you know
gravity they just gravitated towards us
it was like family in April of this year
Kyle was involved in a
accident him and his grandfather were
coming from a fishing trip in visalia
and it was about seven o’clock at night
and as they were driving on a through
road the opposite side had a stop sign
and Kyle explaining that as he as they
drove through that that intersection
part of it that he seen the lights of
the truck coming at him and that that
was all that he remembered the impact
threw him out of the truck took me three
months to heal I’m a hundred percent
I barely started jogging I broke a
factory five ribs my pelvis sacrum
punctured my lungs and liver and about
my left finger and without if it wasn’t
for my mom or Darrell Freedman I would
just suffer the pain it was automatic
for me to call dr. Darrell Freedman’s
office just to find out what they can do
to help Kyle and they they followed up
they they constantly you know was
checking up on him how are you doing we
got a home visit it’s just you feel the
family you feel the gravity you feel the
love to me I call it a divine
intervention the first time that I seen
that I talked to mr. Freedman when he
helped me when mice with my son that’s
what it felt like a divine intervention
I would definitely recommend our Darrell
Freedman’s office and and just thank
their staff for being so supportive and
for being there for us they’ve they went
to her home to make sure Kyle was okay
they made phone calls to us to check up on
him and it’s just an absolute blessing
to have them as part of our part of our
lives they’ve been with me since 2000
and never their night their names never
left my mind someone something comes up
I always recommend his office