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Maria Rodriguez’s Testimonial

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I was involved in a auto accident I had
a pre-existing condition with my back so
when I was in the auto accident it
really inflamed my injury I wasn’t able
to work full time I was kind of lost as
to what I was supposed to do I knew I
had a pre-existing condition and I was
just kind of lost as to what my options
I had a consult with Darrell and they
assured me that you know we can deal
with something like this let’s just you
know move forward with your case and see
what we can do trying to prove what was
pre-existing what was post accident was
very difficult but Darrell was willing
to go out and invest his own money and
get specialists and everything to
interview me and differentiate with the
other insurance ok no this was her
accident was you know the main cause of
her back condition now she led a you
know full life prior to the accident I
had to have two back surgeries I have a
neurostimulator in my back I have a
spinal fusion on my l4 l5 prior to the
neurostimulator I had to have three
epidural injections so it was just a
really long process very painful I
missed a lot of time off of work
obviously I have three kids so trying to
support them and not working full time
it was just very difficult there was a
few times where I needed advance on my
case settlement he was willing to do
that not even knowing how much I was
going to get if anything trying to prove
you know my whole case
my case manager was Lupita she was very
she was attented to my case keeping me
informed on what was going on and
answering my million emails just trying
to help me through the whole process and
you know they can’t give you timelines
but she you know was just helpful and as
far as keeping me updated on what was
going on and what was the next step that
we needed to make together so that way
we would be successful I would
definitely refer mr. Freedman and his
staff to my friends and family my
boyfriend was actually in a motorcycle
accident last September and this was one
of the first places that we came to just
because it was familiar and they had
been so helpful with me