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Jwan Morehead

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I was involved in a motor vehicle
accident after picking my son up from
and right after we had another attorney
and they were given us a runaround for
almost a year and after that I found mr.
Freedman in the phone book actually and
speaking with him he told me how to go
about getting my files back from the
other attorney and I brought my files
over here to mr. Freedman and he spoke
to the previous to the shorts company
how I would speak to him and I really
appreciated that because he got on them
to make sure everything was being done
correctly because they were stalling and
giving us the runaround the customer
service here was excellent I felt like
family every time I visited every time I
called there was no hesitation and
returning a phone call or picking up the
phone any time I called regardless of
what time it was the outcome of the case
was excellent he got everything I would
expect to get from the accident I would
recommend anyone to mr. Freedman family
friends or even strangers he’s excellent