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John Manzanares

Category: Motorcycle Accident

Video Transcription

I ride a motorcycle and I was on my way
home from work when somebody pulled out
of a parking lot right in front of me I
had to leave my bike down and I broke
four ribs ended up it in a hospital
spent five days there and once I got
home and the dust kind of settled it a
little bit waited for the police report
to come out and it did say that the
other individual was at fault and it
gave us the name of his insurance
company we we my wife and I tried to
contact the other insurance
Kanoa bail and we finally contacted them
and they were less than professional
they were only willing to pay up to 75%
of my financial responsibility and some
of my some of the bills that I had
occurred while I was in the hospital
starting to come in and at that point it
was beyond me beyond me and my wife so
we decided to seek legal help came in I
was able to meet with mr. Freedman I was
real I’m real impressed with mr. Freedman
and opiates his legal team they were
very professional they cared about
not only myself but my family which is
what is really important to me I was
really pleased with the outcome of the
settlement I had some very large medical
bills that he was able to reduce
given given the money that was in the
insurance policy
it all worked out I’m upright I’m
healthy I have no mental
a real happy camper but this