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Harry McCoy

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I have two situations in which I was
involved in automobile accidents who I
really needed some help and in both
cases it wasn’t my fault and this young
lady came driving up Madera avenues and
she had her baby in the car and a
girlfriend with her and mind you they
were eight Cora stopped at the light she
ran right into the back of my car with
this Toyota Tacoma truck and totaled me
out then I contacted my insurance agent
and told him about the accident and he
said well mr. McCoy you have minimum
coverage therefore there’s nothing I can
do for you and I swear I told my agent I
said well can you call the owner of the
truck and get the interim insurance
information he says well we used to do
that but we don’t do that no more so I
was in the situation where I really
needed help and I didn’t know what to do
so I looked in the yellow pages and in
the phone book for Fresno under lawyers
and I saw Darrell Freedman so I called
Derek Freedman and that was the best
call I could have made Darrell took the
case and he talked to the lady and the
lady who wouldn’t talk to me talk to him
and he got he he got her insurance to
pay for my car that was totaled out to
pay for my medical bills I had to go to
chiropractor for a year and plus got me
a fair settlement that was the first
the second situation happened May 16th
last year I was in a French car and I
was in the backseat on the left side and
my friend went to a red light and a
garden truck was hauling a trailer and
Ryan ran right into the back left side
of her car our city my medical bills
came up to ten thousand dollars and my
friend only had five thousand coverage
for each person per accident so I was
gonna get stuck with the five thousand
dollar bill
Jared got my insurance company they paid
the balance of five thousand that I owe
that I would have to pay he got on my
belly medical bills paid and got me a
fair settlement so Dowd has to truly
truly recommend him he was a great help
to me he dealt as fair compassionate and
kind as a lawyer and also his paralegal
who helped him
Jennifer Gault when I went to our teeth
the case the insurance drug it out for a
whole year and Jennifer patiently worked
me through everything and was
encouraging the whole time and so I’d
highly recommend him as a injury lawyer