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Erin Bogdan

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I was on my way to work one day and I
was at a red streetlight and was hit
from behind with Alex any notification
all of a sudden I was just hit so it was
a little bit traumatic the car ended up
being totaled before we’re done and
luckily we’re both able to move our cars
to the side of the road it was very
apparent that my car was not drivable
for any distance so they the police were
called out and my insurance company was
was pretty good to work with their
insurance company has not been so and so
easy to work with so it’s been working
with actually with Daryl quite a bit in
communicating with their insurance
company on the situation the one thing
in customer relations that I always look
for is customer service that’s number
one priority for me and I can say
without a doubt that Daryl freeman and
his staff have exuded nothing but
customer service they have worked around
my schedule to have appointments in the
evenings or on Saturdays to make a
commode convenient for me they have been
excellent on responding either by phone
or by email I’ll send an email to his
staff and I will get a response within
15 minutes so Adams worked out extremely
well for me in in the business
environment that I work in communication
through email has been extremely easy
they have been quick to communicate with
me to check up on me if I’m not checking
up with them gonna in a quite a regular
basis they’re checking with me to find
out how my physical therapy is going how
my appointments are going and just
making sure that i’m in a good in a good
place and i’m improving and progressing
i would recommend him to anyone i truly
would it’s just the staff asst is so
friendly and so concerned and
and focuses on you and in this day and
age it’s very hard to find a business
that treats you is number one and not
just a number and Derald it’s an
excellent job