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Dorothy Shaw

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

my name is Dorothy Shaw I actually was
referred to mr. Freedman through an
instructor of mine that I had at the
time at hill college she actually turned
out to be one of his employees and I was
involved in a I guess she would say
vehicle versus bicycle accident on may
first 2012 that injury that I sustained
in the accident ended up excess I guess
you would say exacerbating other
injuries that I had at the time and it
turned into like a really difficult case
that mr. Freedman really had to go to
work and defend defend me on so we ended
up prevailing in that case and
throughout the entire process I was
going through a whole lot of different
challenges that were brought upon
because of the accident and the injuries
that are sustained and the staff mr.
Freedman the paralegal that was assigned
to me everyone was always so supportive
of whatever it was that I was dealing
with and they came to my aid whenever I
had an issue and I am so grateful that I
was able to meet mr. Freedman and his
staff and I’m just glad I was able to
meet them I preferred friends co-workers
to him and his stuff because I know
they’re in the best of hands