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Debbie Andrews

Category: Uninsured Motorist

Video Transcription

I was going to work a little bit later
than i usually do I usually go at
midnight and i was i was doing ian at
too and he’s driving on the freeway so I
and I was going 65 and all of a sudden
um I hit something I didn’t know what
happened I never saw what he hit I
thought my car had exploded and it
turned out it that it was a truck I
learned later on that it was a truck
that I hit that the people had been
fighting over the telephone and they
flipped it and it was laying in such a
way that’s no reflective surfaces or
anything was showing so I had them going
65 and I was going north by the time I
finished that I was going I was facing
west and was just assessing all the
damage and had learned that that my
thumb was bent backwards and was trying
to figure out what to do I have some
medical training so I was trying to
figure out exactly what to do and I saw
headlights to my side and looked in a
car was a big car I couldn’t tell what
it was but it was a big car and it was
headed right toward me and they swerved
at the last minute so they only hit my
bumper but I hit it pretty good and I
was good it good enough that I was ended
I ended up facing south I was quite a
while later I remember the policeman um
saying oh we don’t need a body bag here
so apparently they had already pulled
out a body bag for me just by the look
of my car it was just a really bad
accident they had to do surgery on my
leg the next day and they put a day
later they put a cast on and that cast
was on and how I got out of the hospital
I was in the hospital for almost a month
and when they took the cat first cast
off it was discovered that I had hole in
my leg apparently the skin had been
damaged so bad that it started dying and
because it had no air it developed a
huge hole and you could actually see the
bone and so they had to go in and do a
second surgery to close that hole up so
it was a major major ordeal I have had
an accident before and dealt with an
attorney that would lead me in tears
with every time I dealt with him he was
so abrupt and very good attorney but no
bedside manner and daryl is anything but
that he has a very pleasing manner with
people and and i would say that he’s
very a very good attorney was very
pleased with the experience don’t wait
to get an attorney don’t sit there and
try to do it yourself if if you are feel
like you’re unsettled at all find
somebody who will take your case that
will give you the confidence like mr.
Freedman gave me