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Deandra Taylor-Duren

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

my name is deandre Darren I was
rear-ended in 2011 it was the week
before Christmas I was getting on 41
north and it was backed up I got on came
to a complete stop and a little girl hit
me going around 70 and I was pretty
banged up after the accident of course I
was still a bit frazzled but my family
has known mr. Freedman for a number of
years and so I gave him a call and he
got me in got me connected to the right
people you know letting me know what I
needed to do in terms of what doctors to
see and everything I took care of all of
that and once we came in I just felt
like I was a part of a big family you
know I was never out of the loop of what
was going on with my case I didn’t come
in and see one person one week and
somebody else another week I always had
the same case manager she would contact
me via email phone calls text messages
and just everybody was so nice I just
felt very personable with everybody that
I met with I was rear ended again in
2013 and they just kept the ball rolling
they were very communicative about
everything I just I appreciate mr.
Freedman and his staff or being
communicative personable and working
with me through the entire process two
surgeries but still the same you know
respect and care and integrity with
everybody if anybody you know that I’ve
talked to that it’s been in an accident
I have definitely referred them over and
let them know that this is a great firm
and very personable and they will get
positive positive results