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Callie Albison

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

it was right in the back road area a
friend and I had gone out for dinner
that night on the way back home she had
gotten into a bit of a heated argument
with her father on the cellphone and I
was kind of oblivious to what he was
going on and in the midst of it all she
was paying attention speeding and then
of course on her phone and I had told
her to slow down and by at that point we
were up coming up to a stop sign that I
saw and she was going over over a
hundred miles per hour and we blew
straight through the stop sign and I got
hit from the side on the passenger side
and we actually spun back so I felt the
car spinning back and by the time we
stopped and landed the entire glass of
the car was shattered so you couldn’t
see out and it was super smoky so we
didn’t know that our car was on fire so
lucky enough we had about seven to ten
people that had pulled over because they
saw how bad the accident was and helped
us they got they somehow opened my door
and got us both out and by that point
that’s when we realized our car was
completely on fire physically I broke my
collarbone I had to have surgery a week
later I had severe bruising and just
really traumatically overall it was
really really messed up but I had had in
cooking a concussion as well and
I was rushed to the hospital that night
with her she went into emergency surgery
because of her ankle and then it was all
being treatment from that point on I was
bedridden for three months couldn’t move
my pelvic was really like sore and
bruised so I couldn’t physically do
anything I was in a lot of pain I my
adrenaline was kicking right when it you
know we got out of the car and I was
weirdly able to walk so I was like oh
like everything’s fine and by the time
my parents had arrived to the scene
because I had finally gotten a chance to
call them the paramedics put me on the
gurney and as soon as like they laid me
down I just felt like this amount of
pain just shoot through my body I just
moved here attending Fresno State and
one of my friends who’s gone through
your guys’s law firm recommended him
when I mentioned her about a previous
accident had gone through I mean they
see me when I walk through the door and
it’s already on a first-name basis even
coming to visit I still get the same
treatment that I got when I was
first-time client and they didn’t know
me they took my case very seriously
it wasn’t anything belittling or kind of
brushed to the side it was completely
focused and I felt like I was the only
client in the room but you know mattered
the most overall I’m extremely impressed
and grateful