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Anthony Liscano, Jr.

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I was taking a friend of mine to Table
Mountain I was on the 145 which is the
country road and there was a older truck
you know there’s no streetlights out
there it was an older pickup and it was
primered black and apparently had a
mechanical problem and he wound up not
putting on his emergency flash he didn’t
leave any headlights or flares he closed
the door put the handbrake and walked
away me not seen him I hit him from
behind and of course damaged my total of
my truck the airbag didn’t deploy and so
I hit the steering wheel with my chest
and I broke my sternum I had internal
bleeding I broke my kneecap and I broke
my I actually broke a couple of ribs the
guy had no insurance I wound up going to
Clovis Community I was there for all day
I had all these scans and stuff they
wouldn’t let me go until they said my
internal bleeding stabilized I got sent
to a downtown community Regional trauma
center I was there for three days but
while I was hospitalized my wife’s
friend worked with the Daryl Freedman in
retail and she says he worked himself
through school while work while I was
working with him and he became a lawyer
because he’s one of us he knows what
it’s all about he didn’t get handed
anything and she says look him up in the
phone book some of my friends have used
him and they are extremely pleased so I
made a phone call and they said okay
here’s your appointment we’ll come in I
come in at this date if you can get
ahold of your police collision report
bring it so I brought it in here and
mr. Freedman greeted me and he
introduced me to Jessie Fretwell who’s
one of the attorneys with him he asked
me do you have uninsured motorists and I
said yes I do he says we’ll start with
that and they immediately assigned an
investigator for me to help me out they
assigned a case manager and they were
right there to help me out with anything
else that I would need and they made
sure they actually got me more for my
truck than I thought it was going to get
the truck was 11 years old and 320,000
miles never had to touch it other than
maintenance and they got me about eight
thousand dollars for that and with the
insurance companies they were able to
negotiate for my $70,000 hospital bill
and a physical therapy bill was almost
and chiropractic was almost ten thousand
most of that was paid off and negotiated
and I paid almost nothing out of the
settlement from my uninsured motorist
that was another thing that really made
me feel better is that he took over any
medical and the insurance and the
Medicare anything dealing with this
accident was mailed to him and they took
care of it and they put a hold on
payment for anything because you know he
was taking the case out of a five star I
give him five they kept me posted the
whole time they were able to actually
steer me also to what to tell my boss at
work to get my sick leave and some of
this other earned personal time off that
had which wasn’t a whole lot but they
also steered me towards the state
disability and they said you are
eligible for that your pay stub here
says that you pay into it and so that
was another source of money they covered
all the bases I could not believe how
well they covered and how well they kept
me informed
so I basically got a pretty good chunk
that I wasn’t expecting a dime for him
I would recommend him a hundred percent
and I actually went back to my wife’s
friend who worked with him at the
beginning and retailed you know when he
was putting himself through law school
and I told her I said boy I am so
grateful you sent me to him you were a
hundred percent right this man helped me
a hundred percent he did everything that
I didn’t expect or never even thought of
to do and he got me the most out of
something I expected nothing