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Antaejah Canady, Antiana Canady & Pam Austin

Category: Pedestrian Accident

Video Transcription

my name is Pam Austin this is my
granddaughter an taoiseach Kennedy we
were in a car accident back April 2015
my granddaughter an taoiseach antianna
was in an accident the car ran over her
and she was burned real bad she was
taken to Community Medical burn unit for
at least possible three months my
granddaughter aunt Asia which is
standing with me right now seeing the
whole incident they have still all in
shock and kind of upset by would happen
I was referred to jerrell freeman by a
family member and it came out to turn
out to be positive his sister’s with
numerous doctors and therapies and and
specialists to for my granddaughter and
antianna we’re still going to see
therapy and counselors and the burn unit
due to drill freeman who refers to a lot
of specialists it turned out to be a
good thing but then in the ways of
santhi until because she had several
skin graft it had to be done on her
thanks Darrell he helped us do it the
case managers from the freeman office
was very positive motivated they was
like a family member they helped us do
the bad and a good and oppression part
anything that I needed from Daryl he
helped us out with everything and thank
you so much for the Freedman company that
you know assist us everyone did a good
job and I appreciate everything I did
for us me and my family