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Althea Burks

Category: Automobile/Car Accidents

Video Transcription

I was going through an intersection and
a gentleman pulled out in front of me
and we I had a head-on collision my car
spun in circles and I thought I was on
fire I was hit in the face
my arms were burned
I was confused to where I was at or even
really what happened the insurance
company did not want to pay my bills my
bills were getting higher and higher
from MRIs and CTS and everything like
that a friend of mine referred me to mr.
Freedman and I came to his office for
help the staff was wonderful they were
respectful they guided me they supported
me and every way that I needed mr.
Freedman went above and beyond he took
care of my bills he took care of my
concerns he guided me I continued my
medical treatment and
the office was great