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Visalia Slip and Fall Attorney

Property owners owe visitors and guests a duty of care to keep their premises safe. Otherwise, these conditions could cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Premises liability injury victims do not have to pay for damages they did not cause under California law, including medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Freedman Law will uphold your rights to the fullest extent of our civil justice system. Our Visalia slip and fall attorney investigates accidents, assesses losses, and negotiates on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery. Get informed about your rights during a free consultation at (559) 447-9000.

Freedman Law Represents Slip and Fall Accident Injury Claims

Slip and fall accidents happen every day. They can result in severe, expensive injuries that affect your life in the short term and, potentially, the future. However, you have the legal right to hold negligent property owners accountable.

Our Visalia slip and fall attorney can investigate acts of property owner negligence to negotiate a fair award on your behalf, including:

  • Broken sidewalks and streets
  • Broken stairs
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Loose carpeting
  • Missing railings
  • Uneven or slippery flooring
  • Walkway debris
  • Other forms of negligence

Slips and falls happen in private homes, commercial buildings, grocery stores, apartment complexes, government properties, and other places. Furthermore, they have the potential to inflict traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, bone fractures, and other incapacitating injuries. Freedman Law can assist you in building a case regardless of the cause, parties involved, or location.

California Laws Prohibit Unsafe Property Conditions

In California, premises liability law is based on proving property owner negligence. Our legal team can help you establish the elements of negligence by demonstrating four facts:

  • The property owner was responsible for property safety
  • They did not secure their property
  • Their breach caused your accident and injuries
  • Your injuries caused financial and physical losses

Evidence must be present for a claim to be legitimate under California’s premises liability statutes. If the property owner violated their duty of care and caused injury, they might be liable for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more. Speak with a Visalia slip and fall attorney at Freedman Law to protect those rights.

Freedman Law Understands Premises Liability

Freedman Law carries a reputation for experience and results when pushing back against premises liability claims. Rules specifically under premises liability laws affect the outcome of your claim.

Some of these applicable rules include:

  • Deadlines: In California, the premises liability statute of limitations is up to two years for accident victims. Missing this deadline will negatively impact the outcome of your case.
  • Liability: Although property owners are usually held liable when accidents happen on their property, property managers, landlords, and other entities may also be responsible when hazardous property conditions cause accidents and injuries. Our Visalia slip and fall attorney can help you identify them.

Regardless of the opposing party’s strategy, the Visalia slip and fall attorney at Freedman Law will pursue your chosen strategy. For over two decades, we have helped people recover millions for injuries caused by negligent property owners and managers. Let us help you determine your rights and strategy that achieves results.

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