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Visalia Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can result in severe injuries. Every day, victims and family members suffer severe losses, including injuries, memories, the ability to afford household expenses, and more, not to mention the associated mental anguish. California civil laws protect your legal rights when claiming negligence against a policy’s insured holder.

The Visalia car accident attorney at Freedman Law can help. For decades, we have helped people reclaim their losses and lives by holding negligent parties accountable. Schedule a free consultation at (559) 447-9000 to learn more.

Car Accident Claims Are Challenging to Navigate

Everything changes when you are seriously injured in an accident. A Visalia car accident attorney can help negotiate a reasonable settlement that pays for injuries caused by another party while weathering the healing process. When another driver is at fault, their insurance carrier should cover all your losses by a degree of liability.

Our Visalia car accident attorney at Freedman Law can help in even the most challenging circumstances, including:

  • Unclear liability
  • Multiple vehicle crashes
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Bad faith and unfair insurance company treatment
  • Inadequate settlement offers
  • Other negligence-related issues

We will investigate and build your case using our firm’s resources and experience. If there is an opportunity to recover a better outcome, our legal team will inform you of your options and follow through on your directives. If the insurer refuses to pay what your case is worth, Freedman Law is not afraid to take your case to a civil trial.

You Have Legal Rights Under California Law

Complex rules surround car accident injury claims. Misapplying them could result in unintended legal consequences, such as getting a lower settlement than you deserve. Freedman Law will not jeopardize your case by making errors.

Our Visalia car accident attorney will explain how the following legal concepts affect your case specifically.

  • Statute of limitations. Most car accident injury victims have two years from the injury date to pursue a fair award. Missing this deadline could result in a claims denial or lawsuit dismissal.
  • Liability. Liability underpins California’s insurance regulations. Affected parties will file damage claims against the at-fault party’s insurance carrier, and opinions may differ. Unresolved claims could head to civil court.
  • Negligence. California will limit your civil award to the degree of fault exhibited by the liable party. However, this percentage is essential to establish correctly. Otherwise, you may inadvertently end up accepting a settlement offer.

Freedman Law has deep knowledge of California’s auto accident and insurance laws. We stay current on legal developments and want to impact our clients’ lives positively. There are no advance legal fees; we only get paid when you win your case.

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No one should ever have to pay for the damages caused to them or their property as the result of another’s negligent actions, and California’s civil laws underscore this concept. Schedule your Free Consultation with our Visalia car accident attorney by calling Freedman Law at (559) 447-9000. You can also message us online.